Diana Hoyos surprised her followers with a shocking change of look

Diana Holes He left more than one with his mouth open by showing his drastic change of look on social networks and his followers loved it.

Diana Hoyos who a few days ago surprised more than one after the rumor that she would not continue to give life to «María Clara» in nurses, returned to give what to talk about in their social networks. On this occasion, the actress’s followers were left with their mouths open because she drastically changed her look.

The drastic change of look of Diana Hoyos with which she surprised her followers

Through her official Instagram account, the actress published a photograph in her stories where she showed her radical change by going from her black hair to a reddish tone. In addition, she took the opportunity to share a positive message with her followers to start the week and that is why she wrote happy monday have a nice day.

Of course, her followers did not miss the opportunity to highlight that Diana looked just as beautiful with the change of look. And as expected, many began to say that it was a new character that she was going to play where she could possibly be with Pipe Bueno.

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