Dental floss bathing suit and jumpsuit… two in one?

Goodbye to the bikini and the jumpsuit! Now every girl can have the best of both worlds with this swimsuit yarn and whole at the same time.

This model made a promise to her mother and to fulfill it, she posed with this dental floss Brazilian thong-style swimsuit, but which is also one-piece, and it went viral on the networks!

She is Haley Kalil, who became famous in her country for participating in a past edition of Miss USA; Recently, she also did a swimsuit photo shoot for the magazine Sports Illustrated.

This is the thread bathing suit – integral

This model shared an image and a video on her Instagram account that went viral because of the hot swimsuit she is wearing, because she looks one-piece from the front…

But behind…

The curious thing is that it was all because of her mother and a promise she made to her and tried to keep… In her own way, look:

«When your mom tells you she wants you to only be photographed in a one piece swimsuit…MOM, IT’S TECHNICALLY ONE PIECE.»

Wrote the model in her post

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