Dayana Jaimes showed the scars left by her surgery

Dayana Jaimes He shared a photo on his social networks to show the scars that remained after his weight loss surgery.

The widow of Martín Elías wanted to share with her followers an image showing how her stomach had turned out after going through the operating room to perform the sleeve gastric with which he managed to lose several kilos.

Dayana Jaimes showed her scars with some grace

Dayana Jaimes recently wanted to share a few minutes of her time to talk to her followers. That is why she played the famous «Ask me a question» on her Instagram account to answer questions that several people had about her private life.

However, one of the questions that caught his attention the most was when he was told “Do you have a scar from the surgery?” and the Colombian gracefully showed that she not only had scars from her weight loss surgery but also because they had to remove her gallbladder.

Although in the image you can see that the marks are very small, the truth is that Dayana apparently is not changed by anyone since now she looks much slimmer and that is why she has shown off her figure on different occasions.

How do you think about the scars that this surgery left on Dayana Jaimes all for losing weight? Is it worth it or not? Leave your opinion in the comments.