Daughter of Maleja and Tatán makes a tender «complaint» of the quarantine

Macarena, the daughter of Maleja and Tatán makes a tender «complaint» about the quarantine, It seems that she doesn’t like being locked up very much..

East It is not the only video of the family that has caught the attention of Internet users, Well, in recent days, the presenter shared a video in which she wanted to dance with her husband, but he completely ignored her.

Daughter of Maleja and Tatán makes a tender «complaint» of the quarantine

Maleja Restrepo and Tatán Mejía are one of the most active couples on social networks, since cThey constantly share videos about the crazy things they do in the company of their two beautiful daughters Guadalupe and Macarena.

Precisely one of them was the protagonist of one of the videos that has most attracted the attention of Internet users these days, because in it the little girl thinks about preventive isolation.

In the recording, the adorable Macarena stated:

It is very horrible to lock ourselves in this quarantine

Listening to their occurrences, both Maleja and Tatán burst into laughter, because they did not believe what their daughter had just said; nevertheless The little girl’s father clarified that «they were not locked up, because they were safe at home.»

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