Daughter of La Roca Johnson in real life inherited her talent

She is the daughter of the famous actor known as La Roca Johnson in real life and, it seems, will follow in the footsteps of his father. Does it look like it?

We have all seen some of the the rock movies and we know that he is a very successful actor who jumped from professional wrestling (WWE) to Hollywood and has had great box office success.

What few people know is that Dwayne Douglas Johnson He is the father of three girls. As you read it, the adventures that he lived as a tooth fairy are not so fictitious.

Meet the daughter of La Roca Johnson in real life

Well, at least one of them has already announced that she will be the heir to her father’s trade and profession, and we are not referring to acting, but to wrestling.

This is the eldest daughter of this actor, Simone Alexandra Johnson, who is the fruit of his first marriage and was born in 2001; the news is that at 18 she signed with WWE.

Although this may surprise us, the truth is that it was to be expected, since this is a family of fighters of which she would be the fourth generation.

And it is that both his famous father and his grandfather Rocky Johnson and his great-grandfather Peter Maivia were successful wrestlers. What do you think? Write what you think in the comments, and share this note!