Daughter of Jota Mario Valencia spoke of the «unrecognized children» of the late presenter

Two years after the death of Jota Mario Valencia his daughter spoke of the “unrecognized children” that his father might have.

Since the well-known presenter died, two men appeared who claimed to live in absolute poverty and who they mentioned were the children of Jota Mario. What generated a controversy that reached the ears of the presenter’s daughter who of course decided to speak out on the subject.

Daughter of Jota Mario Valencia spoke about the “unrecognized children”

The presenter’s daughter did not remain silent and spoke out on her social networks in the face of rumors that she had other brothers. Immediately, María José replied that she does have more brothers but that in reality it is only one “I have only one brother, the rest is pure story, his name is Simón and there is nothing else”.

In this way, he made it clear that his father had no more children, as many wanted the followers of the late presenter to believe. In fact, he thus also denied the two men who claimed to be unrecognized sons of Jota Mario.

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