Daughter of Catalina Aristizabal, she grew up!

Like two drops of water! That’s what Catalina Aristizabal and her daughter Oriana are like, look…

They say that the son of a tiger comes out painted, that what is inherited is not stolen, and in many cases they are right: in some families the resemblance between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters or mothers and sons is impressive, so much so that one says “there are two drops of water”.

This seems to be the case of Catalina Aristizabal and her daughter Oriana, who looks more and more like her mother. Judging by the posts of the presenter of The Super Human Challenge 2018her daughter inherited many of her physical characteristics: her hair color, skin tone, facial features and a petite, long and slim body perfect for modeling. Will he follow in his mother’s footsteps? Wood, it has.

In this post, Catalina dedicates a few words of admiration and love to her daughter, in which it could be interpreted that yes, indeed, Oriana could also be a model for the «projects» to which the presenter refers. She will dawn and we will see!

“@oromiell thank you for your infinite patience and company… I love your maturity, complicity and tenderness!!!! In a few years I will be the one to accompany you in your projects!!! Love you my Gold”, wrote Aristizabal next to the photo.

And it is that Catalina Aristizabal’s daughter grew up! The little girl, who is already entering her teens, has her own Instagram account, where she already has more than 6,000 followers; In the photos that she shares of her, you can see that she already overflows with beauty.

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