Daniella Álvarez’s right foot is already beginning to move

The story of the presenter of “The Box Challenge” has moved the entire country and today we are happy with your new news Well, Daniella Álvarez’s right foot has begun to move.

This was told by Miss Colombia 2011-2012 during an interview on the program ‘La Red’ on Canal Caracol in which they also asked him about other topics.

Last December, Daniella had shared that her right foot was also having problems after some medical tests.

At the time took the news with the calm that has characterized her and said: “This is the reality of life, but only when we believe in God, have Faith and Hope, do we understand that everything happens FOR something.”

However, and against all odds, Daniella ‘La Super Humana’ as she has been called today, He said that his right foot is regaining its mobility.

This is Daniella Álvarez’s right foot


“We will continue to be very focused on getting ahead, on this foot waking up and always remembering that the most important thing is self-love, self-improvement and that all our dreams can always come true, no matter what happens.”

Words from Daniella Álvarez about her current situation.

Daniella also told about her participation in the paralympic games in Tokyo and her foundation project to help people like her who need a prosthesis.

She is definitely a woman to admire. Well, in less than a year, she has overcome everything she has encountered along the way.