Daniella Álvarez’s message to Daniel Arenas that delighted her followers

Danielle Alvarez decided to make a dedication to Daniel Arenas that melted the heart of more than one in social networks.

The relationship between Daniella Álvarez and Daniel Arenas has become one of the most beloved by Colombians. The couple always shows their love and how stable their relationship is on social networks, of course this time was no exception.

The show of affection from Daniella Álvarez and Daniel Arenas that touched their followers

Daniella Álvarez softened the hearts of her followers by posting a photo on her official Instagram account with her boyfriend. Although the image was quite romantic because they appeared as children and how they are now.

What caught the attention of his millions of fans was the tender message “Happy birthday Sweet Love! I celebrate your life, I celebrate every second when I look at you, when I hug you, when I see you smile. Since I was very little I have prayed to God and to the Virgin for you, and now that it allows us to be together I just want to hold your hand to live what we lack TOGETHER. Thanks today and every day to dad God for allowing me to meet you. I love you my my earthly angel. Thank you for existing and may there be many more”.

Immediately, many people did not hesitate for a second to highlight the beauty of their love, so the image quickly received more than 160,000 «likes» and hundreds of comments praising their solid courtship.

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