Daniela Ospina reveals how a bra should be to exercise

Many girls do not know what to consider when choosing a bra to exercise. Daniela Ospina gave us her tips.

In addition to being a model and brand image, Daniela Ospina is also a businesswoman, as she has her own sportswear brand. Let’s remember that she was a professional volleyball player.

Who better than her to recommend an exercise bra?

As you can see, for Daniela there are 3 aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing this important garment:

  • What does not carve: It is very important that you wear your correct bra size; In addition, you must make sure that it does not have rods, arches, annoying labels or seams.
  • Chest adjustment: This is super important, because that way it provides the support your breasts need for high-impact movement.
  • Regarding perspiration: Here the important thing is the material of the bra, which must allow your skin to breathe, so make sure that they are made in combinations of materials such as nylon, spandex, cotton, elastane and polyester.

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