Daniela Ospina answered the criticism about Salomé bluntly

The businesswoman met the followers who criticized a photo of her daughter Salomé, however, Daniela Ospina responded to criticism with kindness.

After spending a few days in Spain with James Rodríguez, Daniela and Salomé are back in the news, but this time for an image of Salo on social networks.

The businesswoman published a photograph of Salomé in her Instagram stories and quickly caught the attention of his fans and with concern.

In the picture you see the little Salome carrying a toy baby and he is wearing a mask.

Many believed that it was Salome’s younger brother, so they wrote to him:

“Dany, children under 2 years of age cannot be put on face masks, they suffocate, they are 100% nasal respirators, you cannot.”

Daniela Ospina answered the criticism bluntly

With the kindness that characterizes her, Daniela responded to the user with a screenshot of the question and its respective answer of what actually happened.

«Beautiful, for you and many people who wrote to me, it’s a toy baby and Salomé made a paper mask.»

Recently, during his trip, one of his photographs was also highly criticized, because some people indicated that his body looked like that of a man.

Of course, Daniela was not silent and her response was forceful: «For the taste, the colors. But if it’s not what you like, what are you doing here?“.

With information from Minute E