Daniel Alejandro Sosa de Lima grew up: Is Shannon a mother-in-law?

He is already a teenager! Daniel Alejandro Sosa de Lima He grew up and there is no lack of someone who already calls Shannon de Lima mother-in-law.

There is a lot of talk about Shannon and her romances, especially about her love affair with James Rodríguez; However, what few know is that she is already a mother.

His son was born in 2007 and is the result of a relationship he had with the Venezuelan actor, model and television presenter Manuel Vicente Sosa Morales.

Because of this photo, they say that Daniel Alejandro Sosa de Lima grew up

«My big baby. You’ve already grown a lot. He doesn’t really like social networks, for now… Thank God. I only hope that you are a complete man with such a beautiful heart that you have and that you fight with discipline for all your dreams… @dansosa29”

Shannon wrote next to the following photo…

Immediately the comments did not wait. Some Internet users even referred to the Venezuelan as «mother-in-law».

Wow, how he has grown, cute






It’s hugeeeeeee, are you already a mother-in-law?


Let us remember that Shannon was the target of criticism when James Rodríguez’s son was born and it became public opinion that she was not the mother, but that the baby was born through a surrogate mother.

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