Dancing salsa, Cristina Hurtado is already preparing to have her son!

Dancing salsa and showing his best steps, Cristina Hurtado is already preparing to have her son. What a thrill!

These days hundreds of Internet users remain very aware of the publications and statuses of the beautiful former Protagonist of Novelas and paisa presenter, Cristina Hurtado, because it seems that in a matter of days or even hours she would be going into labor.

And it is that after denying the rumors that she had already given birth to her third child and explaining the reasons why she has not been born yet, the presenter appeared again through Instagram stories this time telling that after a date with her gynecologist, he had «ordered her to walk» to start dilating, which means that she would be very close to meeting her third son.

Showing her best steps in salsa, Cristina Hurtado is already preparing to have her son

There he said that now the rest is over and he should begin to have more movement, because fortunately his baby is thermal (that is, he completed his time in the womb) which indicates that it is the perfect time for him to be born.

For this reason, in addition to carrying out a dynamic with his followers where he answered all kinds of questions, received messages of support and some recommendations to speed up the process, he shared some short stories in which he appeared dancing to the rhythm of ‘Vivir mi vida’ by Mark Anthony. With all energy!

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