Dad! Clint Eastwood’s son is as he wants…

Many times we have talked about the daughters of some celebrities who are spectacular, but rarely are the children the protagonists, however we have found this churrito and he is as he wants.

Scott Eastwood conquered the big screen with the film «The longest journey» adaptation of the work of Nicholas Sparksauthor of «Diary of a Passion» and «Dear John».

In the film, he played Luke, a rodeo champion who falls in love with a college student. Both star in a romantic story whose fate comes together after rescuing an old man in an accident.

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Nevertheless, Scott Eastwoodson of the famous actor and film director, Clint Eastwoodbegan his film career in 2004, but he did not use his father’s last name, but his mother’s, Jacelyn Reeves.

At that time he participated in the tapes “Flags of Our Fathers”, “An American Crime”, “Gran Torino”, “You Got Served”among other.

In 2014 he worked together with Brad Pitt in «Fury» (Hearts of Steel) and his last appearance on the big screen was in the movie “Snowden” biographical thriller film directed by Oliver Stoneand written by Stone and Kieran Fitzgerald.

Scott also starred in a video alongside Taylor Swift, “Wildest Dream”which has more than 418 million views on YouTube.

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