Curious facts about Andrés Calamaro on his birthday

Argentine musician, composer and performer Andres Calamaro He has given us one of the most important discographies of music in Spanish of all time. Since the Rodriguez, until his solo work, Calamaro has been the soundtrack for several generations with famous songs like Without documents (The Rodriguezes), Skinny, perfect crimes Y Crazyamong many others.

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These are some more curious facts about Andrés Calamaro:

* Full name: Andres Calamaro Massel

* First instrument he learned to play: bandoneon

* First song: He composed it when he was 10 years old, it’s called «The girl with the umbrella»

* Charly García once stole from his girlfriend, Mónica García, who was also Calamaro’s manager.

* First job: as a keyboardist for the Raíces group, in Uruguay

* First band: Los Abuelos de la Nada, together with Miguel Abuelo

* Nickname: «The salmon» thanks to a production that bears the same name, a quintuple album that was released in 2000.

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some of his famous quotes:

«Life is a big waiting room, the other is a wooden box.»

«I want to choose from the map an unnamed place to go.»

«Don’t pity me because I’m real and it can hurt me.»

«Look, the revolutions of hearts do not forgive, but they do not have forgiveness either.»

«We are the aristocracy of misfortune!»

«I want to live twice so I can forget you, I want to take you with me and I’m not going anywhere.»

What is your favorite Andrés Calamaro song?

Curious interview with Andres Calamaro

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