Cuddle with animals

Before you «pounce» on your pet with passion to cuddle with him, see if he wants that too, as a matter of principle or at this moment. If your animal has retreated to its basket or retreat, you should leave it there in peace too.

Reading the signs of whether your pet wants to cuddle or not is especially important if they are new to you and unfamiliar with you. Depending on the experiences that the dog or cat associates with the human hand (rough handling, beatings, abuse), it may be that your animal does not yet appreciate it when you (want to) stroke it.

However, it can also be the case that your dog or cat is in pain and therefore does not want to be touched, or the animal does not feel comfortable with the way you are touching it (you stroke it too intensively or too ficklely ).

Pay attention to your pet’s body language and don’t force your love on them.