Cucha meaning, a well-known term!

You may not know what the meaning of cucha and this article is made so that you know its origin and data that you may not have known until now.

In recent decades the term cucha has become very fashionable in Colombia. This word that is part of the jargon of some young people and adults, who use it to refer to other people of a certain age. Beyond this situation, ancestral meanings for this word have also begun to be known and perhaps you have also eaten an animal protein that comes from a fish also known by this name.

In case you want to know what XOXO means and you also want to learn what cucha means in Colombia and other places in the world, then we invite you to read this article to expand your knowledge… and your vocabulary:

Meaning of cucha in Colombia

Definitely the Creole lexicon gives for everything. In the streets of the country it is very common to hear that, especially young people, call elders or elderly people cucho or cucha. This word was born to speak in a derogatory way of these adults but little by little, it has become a traditional word and with which you can also call the father or mother of the family in an affectionate or trusting way.

Meaning of cucha in muisca

For a long time we believed that this was a modern word and came from the youngsters. Well, it turned out that this term was widely used by our indigenous ancestors since in the Muisca and Chibcha cultures, who settled in the Cundiboyacense highlands, on certain occasions used the word cucha to define a woman considered more beautiful than the rainbow, which could even be the beginning of what we now know as the popular street compliments. Of course, this word used by our indigenous people did not have any derogatory connotation.

Meaning of cucha in Argentina

In some places in Argentina, the word cucha is often used to refer to the mattress or cushion on which dogs sleep. Colloquially, this term is also used to talk about the bed of a human being and obviously, to the act of going to sleep.

spoon fish

Cucha is also a well-known fish in the famous triangle of the plain between the departments of Meta, Casanare and Cundinamarca. It is a fish that is found in rivers and has a somewhat strange appearance. It is usually black with rough, hard scales and very short fins. Its meat is widely consumed in these areas of the country. In addition, there is a popular belief that this fish would be an inevitable source of food for pregnant women and during their recovery after childbirth, so they are given the broth made from this animal.

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