Crying in 3,2,1: Henry Cavill confirmed his relationship with Natalie Viscuso

With a tender publication on his networks, Henry Cavill confirmed his relationship with Natalie Viscuso. Fans of the actor have triggered a whole wave of memes and reactions about it!

Ever since the handsome British actor first played Superman on the tape man of steel in 2013not only became one of the most acclaimed celebrities of international entertainment, because with her sensuality and indisputable beauty stole the hearts of both girls and boys.

And it is that how not to fall in love with those blue eyes, that face carved by the same angels and that athletic championship body? It is simply impossible! Even her co-star Amy Adams, who interprets louis lane has declared his immense love for the actor, something that It has made him blush on more than one occasion.

But although many of us kept the (illusive) hope of having an opportunity with him, in recent days shattered the dreams of millions by being caught walking hand in hand with a mysterious girl while walking her dog Kal in a well-known London park.

The surprising photographs generated all kinds of reactions and comments in which many declared themselves affected by the news.

This is how Henry Cavill confirmed his relationship with Natalie Viscuso

From then on, hundreds of fans set off the alarms on social networks in order to solve the enigma of who the mysterious woman was. But the answer came faster than we expected! Well, during the past weekend and through her official Instagram account, The actor shared a romantic photo with which he confirmed that it is his new love.

In the tender image, Cavill appears playing a game of chess in the company of Natalie Vicusohis girlfriend.

There he wrote:

“This is me looking calmly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie destroys me at chess”

His publication immediately caused a furor on social networks, since until now he has more than 2 million 400 thousand “likes” and thousands of funny comments in which his fans expressed their pain at the news. Sad moment!

But who is Natalie Vicuso?

According to research by different international media, Viscuso is Vice President of Television and Digital Studios, a prestigious company that maintains co-production contracts with Warner Bros. Studios and Universal Studios.. But as if that were not enough and to finish lowering our morale, she is the daughter of the nightclub millionaire, Michael Viscuso.

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