Criticism of Katherine Porto for this little detail of her body

Criticism of Katherine Porto (Nicolasa Ibáñez in Bolivar) arose because of a photograph that he shared on his networks. Why?

She is an actress and presenter who has always been characterized by possess a natural beautyThat is why it is striking that now some network users are obsessed with their figure.

This was the criticism of Katherine Porto

Just as you read it. She recently posted a picture of herself in jeans and a tiny black top on her Instagram account.

He also posted the same image as a story with the caption: “This diet is doing me good.» and put a “stereotypes” sticker with a face emoticon with hearts in the eyes.

And it was then that some Internet users noticed a detail of her body, her waist, and criticized her for supposedly having it square, apparently without understanding the celebrity’s comments about stereotypes.

Apparently, whoever criticized her would have «photoshopped» the image.

However, there were many more who flattered her

“The most beautiful woman in Colombia, beautiful”


“Beautiful princess you are divine”


“You are a beauty of a woman…extremely beautiful, without the need for anything fake…”


“Kathrine Porto beautiful well natural”


Pure freshness, good energy, beautiful and simple


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