Couples in real life of the actors of ‘La Casa de Papel’

If you want to know who are the real life couples of actors The Money Heisthere we present the lucky ones.

The Money Heist It was a story that without a doubt went around the world for its interesting history and its great characters. In the series, the actors formed different couples, but who really are the ones who stole the hearts of the actors of «La Banda».

Real life couples of actors The Money Heist: Álvaro Morte (The Professor)

The mythical ‘Professor’ is married to the stylist Blanca Clemente, together they share a very family life with their twins León and Julieta but they are rarely seen together.

Ursula Corberó (Tokyo)

The actress shares her life with Chino Darín, the young Argentine actor, Ricardo Darín’s son, they have been together since 2016 and are always quite loving.

Pedro Alonso (Berlin)

The actor who brings Berlin to life has a relationship with a young woman named Tatiana, who does not abandon him and is almost always accompanying him to different events.

Real life couples of actors The Money Heist: Itziar Ituño (Lisbon)

Itziar, who gives life to Lisboa, the partner of The Professor, has let it be known on different occasions that he is in a stable relationship. However, she never shows her partner and prefers to keep her completely anonymous.

Darko Peric (Helsinki)

One of the most beloved characters in the series, he is constantly seen on social networks as a fairly familiar man who shares his life with Roxi, also a Serb, with whom he is married.

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