Couples games for WhatsApp, creative and fun!

These couples games for whatsapp They are ideal to have a good time, have fun and without a doubt get more than a smile.

If you like to spend pleasant moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend, these challenges for couples are ideal to have fun with the love of your life. However, if you are a little more digital or you are away from your partner but want to have fun, you will surely love these couples games for WhatsApp.

Games for couples for WhatsApp

If you want to spend an entertaining afternoon with your partner while having fun on WhatsApp, you will love these ideas. You can start with a «Chain of Challenges» it is about writing a numbered list with a series of tests or challenges that can be spicy, daring or fun. The next thing is to ask your partner to check what percentage of battery he has left and that will be the number to assign him the first challenge on the list.

On the other hand, you can play the typical «Questions and Answers» game, a classic that never fails in couples due to the interest you have in knowing more about the other, knowing what they think of you or what they expect from the relationship. Remember to get creative with the questions so that they also laugh for a while in the middle of the quiz.

You can also try “Una de cine” it is about describing the title of a movie, series or book using only emojis. As they advance they have to complicate it even more and whoever loses of course has to do some penance.

Finally, you can play with your partner «Chain of words» where you will have to decide with which category they will participate as proper names, foods or animals. Then, you will have to start by proposing a word from the chosen category, for example: if you choose animals, you will say dog ​​and the next one to participate has to say an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous one, for example, bear. In this way they will play until someone runs out of words and of course they will also have to do a penance.

And you, Do you already know what couples games you are going to do for WhatsApp? Leave us your comments in this note and share on all your social networks.