Correctly combine a blazer with tennis… What a look!

If what you want is to look halfway between formal and casual, this is the right outfit for you! Blazer with tennis, you will love it!

The blazer is a garment that immediately refers us to a formal wardrobe, on the contrary, tennis shoes will always be casual, why not have the best of both worlds? With this outfit it is possible.

This is why you should wear a blazer with tennis

It’s the best look for him jeans day at the office, which is usually on Fridays…

Generate a perfect contrast between classic and modern; if you use basic colors, like black and white, this will be more apparent.

It’s the perfect excuse for mix textures that you would not otherwise dare, for example, corduroy, leather and broadcloth.

It is very versatile; if you dare to take skirt with this outfit, either short or longyou will discover that you look like you always wanted to dress.

You will see you tremendously sensual if you combine sneakers and a blazer with a dress, hopefully very short or minidress.

Also, you should keep in mind that the stockings are ankle tights or not at all (if that doesn’t bother you), to show off your ankles that way.

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With information from: Whow Hat Wear