Conviction of Epa Colombia: Prohibition to be youtuber and jail

63 months in prison and the prohibition to be a youtuber, that is the condemnation of EPA Colombia for his vandalism in Transmilenio during the Bogotá protests in 2019.

Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known on social media as Epa Colombia, is an influencer who has accustomed the Colombian public to scandals; However, some Internet users consider that she crossed the line when in 2019 she published a video on her social networks in which she appeared vandalizing a Transmilenio station, Bogotá’s mass transportation system.

This is the condemnation of Epa Colombia

Although Epa Colombia had already been charged in March 2020 for disturbing public transportation, damaging property and instigating a crime for terrorist purposes, the judge did not sentence her for the latter crime. Recaudo Bogotá SAS (the company that operates the SIRCI Collection, Fleet Control and User Information System) appealed said ruling.

That is why the Court decided to sentence Daneidy for the crime of instigation to commit a crime for terrorist purposes and he will have to go to jail for 63 months and 15 days, is disqualified from exercising the office of influencer or youtuber for the same term of the main sanction and has to pay a fine of 492 minimum wages. Until the time of publication of this note, she has not commented on the matter. It should be clarified that I would not have the benefit of house for jail.

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