Controlling personality? It would be good for your partner

If your guy criticizes you for having a controlling personality, tell him that he should thank you and this is why.

Although men and women generally complain about have as a partner a person who breathes on your neck and is controlling each and every aspect of our life, it seems that it is not so bad.

And it is that a scientific investigation revealed that, on the contrary, there are health benefits of living together as a couple with such a desperate person.

Benefits for your partner of having a controlling personality

According to a study conducted by Michigan State University (USA), spouses can affect the health of their partnersfor better or worse.

But the results go beyond the obvious effects of coexistence, since it ensures that -statistically- controlling couples experience the following benefits:

  • They are at lower risk of developing diabetes.
  • They lead more active lives, which reduces the risk of diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle.
  • They eat better, because their food is monitored.
  • If they get sick, their partners’ dedication can lead to better healing or successful treatment.
  • For all of the above, they live longer, although not with as much freedom as they would like.

However, all extremes are bad; it’s not good to drown your lovebecause the lack of space and freedom can generate stress, in addition to ending the long-term relationship.

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