Constellation names: did you know about these beautiful stars?

The stars gathered under the same celestial region apparently form a figure and those are the famous constellation names.

When the stars are grouped together and form a nice figure, it is known as a constellation. Just as there are constellations that have been discovered thousands of years ago, there may be some that are a little more recent. The truth is that there are some better known than others, but once you have identified the first, it will be much easier to recognize the others.

famous constellation names

Currently 88 constellations are known, some are visible from both terrestrial hemispheres and others can only be seen from one of them. However, there are some more famous than others and also the ones most used by ancient navigators.

Great Bear

It is one of the most used constellations to locate the north, also known as the Chariot, as it has been called today. Although each civilization gave this constellation a name, the North American Indians identified it with a bear that was followed by her three cubs, the stars Alioth, Mizar and Alkaid.

Little Bear

This constellation is visible only from the northern hemisphere, it has been a reference constellation for navigators because its best-known star is the polar one, which, being found in the prolongation of the Earth’s axis, remains fixed in the sky and indicates the geographic North Pole. Also, Ursa Minor can be very useful for sailors if they want to know the time of year without having calendars.


One of the oldest known constellations, as it contains the Pleiades, a star cluster with religious roots in all cultures on the planet. Among the most luminous objects it contains are Aldebaran, Alnath and the Crab Nebula.


Also known as The Hunter or The Cathedral of the Sky, it is a constellation that, due to its great visibility, belongs to both hemispheres. This constellation is associated with a sacred star for the Egyptians that was always accompanied by Orion in its passage through the night skies. Its brightest stars are the largest ones like Rigel and Betelgeuse.


In the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations this constellation was associated with fire and the sun, because it indicated the arrival of hot seasons. Mythologically it is associated with the Nemean lion that Hercules killed in one of his labors and whose skin he dressed. In addition, it has very bright stars like Regulus, known as «the heart of the lion» which is 240 times more luminous than the Sun.

canis major

It is a constellation adored by the Egyptians since its rise marked the flooding of the Nile, although all cultures since prehistoric times adopted it in their mythology. For southern civilizations, it was of great importance because it was responsible for signaling the beginning of winter.

Constellation Names: Cassiopeia

It is one of the oldest constellations and recognized for its peculiar shape in M ​​or W, depending on the time and hemisphere from which it is observed. It is a constellation that, seen from a given latitude on Earth, never sets, that is, never disappears below the horizon due to its proximity to one of the celestial poles. Also, it always points north, so it is very useful for navigators when the Big Dipper is not visible.


It is a constellation that ancient cultures related to Orion, the hunter, since when Scorpio rises over the horizon, Orion hides. It has Antares as its main star, which is known as the heart of the scorpion. It is considered one of the most beautiful constellations in the sky.

Constellation names: The herdsman

Constellation related to spring and summer, that’s why it contains one of the brightest stars in the sky. This is Arthur, a very traditional star in the myths of various cultures. This star has been widely used for orientation in its quest to follow the Big Dipper, which is why it is known as the guardian of the bear.

South Cross

It is the smallest officially recognized constellation, but very useful for orientation because it points to the south pole. It is said that these stars of the Southern Cross may become the Star of Bethlehem.

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