Computer care, be careful with the work tool!

It seems logical but computer care are necessary to prolong the useful life of this essential item.

It’s incredible, but computers are a fundamental part of our lives. It is enough to see that this 2020 we all had to have one to work or invent businesses from home and earn money in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Just as parents used to talk about having «the car screwed up», we must know the basic care of this device, not only in terms of cleaning, but also in its use, since the web can be a very dangerous place. Pay attention:

Laptop care

Well, the calculation of how many people have a laptop it was lost years ago, but almost everyone has access to one. It is important that you take care of your health when using the computer as well as technical precautions with laptops since their use for a long time can damage their parts. Among the main precautions are:

  • Obviously, clean it with special liquids such as isopropyl alcohol in areas such as the screen, keyboard, mouse, vents and ports. This prevents dust from corroding its circuitry. In times of Covid, it is vital to disinfect it at least twice a day.
  • Batteries with ¨cascarlo¨. Shocks and falls are factors that can quickly damage it. In addition to seriously affecting the machine, your pocket will suffer if you have to take it in for repair very often.
  • Allows airflow to be maintained while in use. do not put your laptop on surfaces that can heat it (such as blankets).
  • The battery is essential and its useful life is more or less about two years. By charging it only as long as necessary and using the original connector of your brand, you can extend its operation a little.
  • By God, always use antivirus! Computer hackers are on the prowl, and computers harbor important information such as transactional keys, personal data, and more. Your antivirus must be of a well-known brand and be active all the time to scan for cyber attacks.

Computer care for children

Sure children have access to the computer to enter their classes or play online. Two precautions must be taken with minors:

  1. Children may unintentionally put their fingers on the screen, spill drinks on the keyboard, or inadvertently drop the computer due to your carelessness. It is always good to teach them the value of these items and they should be taught cleaning and care habits in activities they do with you, so they will learn to use it correctly.
  2. The network is not a very safe place to say… And even less so for a child. Really, be very careful when your child enters the web, try to observe what kind of actions they carry out and supervise all the time with whom they interact and what pages they access, especially if they manage any social network.

computer monitor care

It is the part that we must try to keep in good condition. For this purpose, it is best to clean it daily and prevent it from coming into contact with elements that can scratch it. If you use a laptop, do not leave it in places where someone can stand or sit on it (these are basic things but the recommendation is not enough).

Care of computer parts

All components of a technological team are exposed to damage at any time. One recommendation is that in case of any failure, consult specialists so that they can fix it. Do not buy second-hand parts and make sure that items such as mousekeyboard, memories and ports, are correctly installed and working to avoid damage in the middle of work days.

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