Compliments for men, leave him with his mouth open!

Who doesn’t like to flirt a little from time to time? well these are the best compliments for menYou will surely make him smile.

many times you will have wondered, what do men mean with their compliments? These manifestations that sometimes generate discomfort depending on the tone with which they are said, could also be a good way to conquer.

If you like compliments, how about you put some of these into practice with that boy who catches your attention. They are mischievous and funny, so they will surely make you blush and have a good time.

Compliments to make a man fall in love

A compliment does not always have to be malicious, in bad taste or sexual, there are very nice phrases with which you will surely make that boy feel good. That is why we give you some ideas of compliments for men that range from highlighting beauty to making a smile.

According to scientific sources, men take 8 seconds to fall in love. After this little fact, remember that you must be subtle when giving him a compliment, do not exceed the limits as you would not like them to do with you. The most important thing is always respect and delicacy.

Funny compliments for men

Why not start with the funny compliments, there is nothing that a man likes more than a woman with a good humor and attitude. That’s why we leave you some ideas to make him smile.

  • You are like the sun, I approach you and melt.
  • What candy store did you run away from? Bonbon!
  • What happens in the sky that the angels are falling?
  • I like you better than sleeping late.
  • I lost my phone number, can I have yours?
  • My favorite color is green!
  • Aren’t you tired? I say this because you don’t stop wandering through your mind.

Bold compliments for men

If you want to go one step further, you can try being a little more daring. But remember that the most important thing will always be the respect you show the other person, if you see that they are uncomfortable, do not insist!

  • I would like to be photoshop to tweak you, tweak you and tweak you.
  • I don’t wish you good morning, I wish you always, a lot and at all hours.
  • I would like to be your third grade teacher to pass you to the fourth.
  • I want you, do I keep them or give them to you when I see you?
  • Something is missing in my bed and that something is you.
  • I have plenty of desire to go looking for you to eat you with kisses.
  • I love you, then I’ll tell you in what position.
  • I want you to take away my desire.

Compliments for tender men

Do not forget that another good way to conquer it is with those love songs to dedicate to a man. If you prefer to give those compliments a romantic and very affectionate touch, we give you some ideas so that that man literally melts with love for you!

  • You’re not Google but you have everything I’m looking for.
  • For you I will be a thief, so that the first thing you can steal from me is your heart.
  • I would like to be your pillow so you can hug me every morning.
  • You are so handsome, that for Christmas I ordered one just like it.
  • Are you sure you’re not an astronaut? Because you have me between the moon and the stars.
  • The birds of the sky were born to fly, I was born to love you and not be able to forget you.
  • You may not be perfect, but your flaws are charming.

Black compliments for men

Although they are not our favorites, and in reality your intention is not to flirt but to joke around with people you already trust. Here are some of the most popular, but remember that it may not always be taken in the best light and could even get you into trouble.

  • Who was cement to support that monument.
  • You must be tired today, after everything we did in my dream last night.
  • You are like the bear… The more hairy the more beautiful.
  • I would like to be your pajamas to sleep with you.
  • I would like you to be the sun, so that you would give me the whole day.
  • If you’re going to be on my mind all day, at least put on some clothes.
  • I would like you to be my pillow… to hug you, drool over you and put you between my legs.

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