Company celebrated the birthday of a collaborator and he sued it –

This strange news is real and it happened in Kentucky United States, a company celebrated the birthday of one of its workers, but the surprise was for them.

the man called Kevin Berling used to work for Gravity Diagnostics, but he made a very special request. to refrain from celebrating his birthday.

The reason, Kevin has a «anxiety disorder»and receiving a surprise like that was something that could give him a panic attack.

Apparently, the company did not take this request into account, so the On August 7, 2019, his colleagues surprised him with said celebration.

Kevin couldn’t take it and after the surprise the young man had to spend the rest of the day locked inside his car.

A few days after what happened, Kevin was summoned to the company and after reproaching him for his reaction, he was fired from there.

Obviously the young man did not sit still and decided to sue the company, because he felt discriminated against for having a disability.

Now, the company that celebrated Kevin’s birthday owes him $450,000, (approximately 1,679 million Colombian pesos), for being a victim of “an adverse labor action”.

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