Come back and play! Amparo Grisales again in the crosshairs for comment on imitator of Jessi Uribe

In this season of My name is The viewers are not letting the offensive comments go unnoticed, which is why many were outraged by what Amparo Grisales said to an imitator of Jessi Uribe.

After the controversy that occurred with the trans woman who was imitating Britney Spears and for which the jury of My name is He had to go out and apologize. Once again, the program generated controversy due to a comment that many considered inappropriate by Amparo Grisales towards an imitator of Jessi Uribe.

What Amparo Grisales said about an imitator of Jessi Uribe who offended more than one

It is no secret to anyone that the program that seeks to find the perfect double is one of the most watched every night by Colombians. However, everything seems to indicate that viewers no longer support offensive comments and that is why they express it on different social networks, as happened on this occasion.

It turns out that during one of the most recent episodes, a Jessi Uribe impersonator appeared who came with great energy and characteristic phrases of the artist, so many believed that he was going to give a good presentation. The one that she did not like from the beginning was Amparo who, on the contrary, made a comment where she assured «How about Jessi’s ears!» and ended almost immediately with the presentation.

The Diva mentioned that she had not transmitted anything to him and that is why he was eliminated from the competition, but on social networks many were outraged by the comment he made about the physical appearance of the participant.

@TV snail should start rethinking the participation of @Amparo_Grisales in #My name isyou cannot play with the dignity of people by rating, he already did it with a person from the LGBTI community and today he makes fun of the physical appearance (ears) of participant Jessi Uribe.

– The Complainant (@ELDENUNCIANTEo) November 11, 2021

Amparo again and her outings in bad taste and comments coming out of reply and mockery. What do jessi uribe’s ears have? Caladita looks prettier…

— @dennis (@diegocalen) November 11, 2021

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