Combine gray jeans for women like this and look divine

The outfit with gray jeans for women is all the rage, that’s why we show you some alternatives on how to combine this garment.

Did your black jeans fade and are you thinking of throwing them in the trash or dyeing them? Do not do it! If you still like them, learn to combine their beautiful gray color and take advantage of wearing the fabric to look very sensual.

11 ways to combine gray jeans for women

Whether you have decided to stick with faded black jeans, old but divine, or you bought them gray, these tips on how to combine them will make your life easier when choosing your outfit.

Women’s gray jeans with Burberry type jacket

Plus ballet flats, a bag and a turtle neck jumper, you’ll get the perfect look for the office.

Pale pink

Very light gray and pink are a winning combination.


90s grunge will never go out of style, no matter how many years have passed.

Blue shirt

It will be the ideal complement for those worn jeans that you like so much. Some brown ankle boots will give it an uncomplicated finishing touch.

White jacket

Do you have white heels that you don’t know what to wear? Here is the answer…

military jacket

High-heeled ankle boots will give a feminine finish to this slightly rough outfit.

gray plus gray

Although some girls might think that several gray garments are too much, if you combine different textures, it is not a problem. Some red stilettos will be your vanishing point.

Yellow shirt

Gray is a color that cuts perfectly with acid tones, like orange, parrot green and a deep yellow like this one.

fresh and natural

A striped t-shirt with white sneakers will look casual on the weekend.

gray and beige

Despite what your aunts say, you can combine two «washed» tones, like baige and gray.

Gray jeans for curvy women, yes or no?

A jacket that falls below the hips will help you look more confident in your gray jeans.

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