Colombian salad recipes with a lot of seasoning

exist colombian salad recipes which are a custom in homes. Although everyone adds their own touch of flavor, these preparations are still part of the national culture.

For food lovers, salads are a pleasure because they allow you to add creativity to recipes with different ingredients. Although vegetarian and/or vegan diets are not as strong in Colombia, more and more people are beginning to include vegetables in their diets.

So that you learn to prepare the caprese salad, an easy, healthy and exquisite recipe or you have it clear with several options of Colombian salads that you can make without killing your head, we show you these alternatives that are delicious, healthy and very pocket-friendly.

Colombian Homemade Vegetable Salad Recipes

Vegetables and fruits abound in Colombia. This privileged condition means that we can get all kinds of food here to put together one of those slow-killing salads. Look at these options and get excited:

Russian salad (cold salad)

This dish that is really of Russian origin (even if you doubt it), has its own version in Colombia. Maybe in Kaliningrad or Moscow they don’t use beans and carrots, but in our lands there is no cold salad without those ingredients. The smooth mixture of mayonnaise with potatoes and chicken are a delight to the palate.

Learn here how to make Russian Salad, a very Colombian recipe!

Tuna salad with pasta

This gastronomic delicacy is one of those spoiled in Creole homes. The texture of the pasta and the tuna go very well together and if you add a touch of mayonnaise or tartar sauce, we promise that you will touch the sky with every bite. This preparation must be eaten fresh to feel all the power of paprika and corn, essential ingredients in this spectacular dish.

See here how to make tuna salad, recipe to prepare it with pasta.

Colombian cuisine recipes salads

Colombian cuisine is full of flavors that vary from city to city. A gastronomic tour of the country is an experience that you must live sometime in your life. Until that moment arrives, we share a couple of recipes that you will surely want to try.

Fruit salad

The market squares are the perfect place to get any fruit you can imagine. Papaya, apple, banana and peach are part of the popular fruit salad that is offered on many street corners. Making it at home is very simple and apart from being very healthy, it has all the flavor of our land.

Here we show you how to make fruit salad at home.

Tuna salad with almonds and mushrooms

The options for preparing salads with local products are endless. Being surrounded by two seas, Colombia also enjoys fresh fish every day and it is important to emphasize that getting it in the cities is very easy. Get ready to try a mixture that you may not have fit in your head but that you will not stop savoring.

Here we show you a recipe for tuna salad with almonds and mushrooms.

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