Colombian pork recipes to eat and share

There are Colombian pork recipes which are exquisite because they have a combination of flavors that is capable of conquering any palate

Colombian gastronomy has menus that are truly exquisite and in which pork is the main protagonist. Although there are all kinds of foods in the coffee country, animal protein is widely accepted and the axis of culinary culture in various regions of the country such as Antioquia, Meta, Bogotá, among other places.

We want to show you right now a spectacular meat roll recipe without oven and also, to share some preparations with pork that are a hit:

Easy Colombian pork recipes

Welcome to an express recipe book in which we are going to show you some recipes that you will not resist preparing at home for your next family invitation:

stuck rice

In many places in Valle del Cauca, this is an inevitable preparation during the weekends. Although it has a wide variety of meats, this rice would not be the same without the pork ribs, so it’s time to get the ingredients ready and go into the kitchen to make this great dish.

See here how to make sticky rice: a quick, delicious and powerful recipe.

Pork chop

This is a preparation that is also very famous in cities like Cali and that accompanies the lunches of many homes on special occasions. The breaded pork meat is exquisite and although it seems to be a very difficult recipe, the truth is that it does not have any complications.

Here we show you how to make pork chops.


Many say that there is no part of the pig that is not good for eating, and that is true! The skin and the belly are the best mix to prepare some delicious pork rinds that can be perfectly a good starter or the main protein in many dishes that will surprise locals and strangers.

See here how to make pork rinds without a drop of fat.

Colombian recipes with pork

It’s time to review other dishes that are ideal for celebrating life around the table while giving all your love to your family with a recipe that will suck your fingers:

BBQ ribs

The easiest way to delight guests is with ribs that have powerful flavor. Unbelievably, this is a recipe that many fear because of its complexity, but once you season it well and manage the temperature well, you will have a dish that everyone will give a standing ovation.

We show you here how to prepare BBQ ribs: recipe to eat, repeat and repel.

sweet and sour pork

Although it is a very popular recipe in Asia, especially in China, sweet and sour pork is prepared in many Colombian homes. Its enigmatic flavor for many, will conquer the stomach of all your guests with a flavor that they will never forget.

Learn here how to prepare sweet and sour pork, a super simple recipe to lick your fingers.

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