Colombian music stars who died young

Colombian music stars who died young and of those who perhaps you did not know their history but who had quite promising careers.

Although these 5 music stars had careers that were on the rise, unfortunately in unfortunate events they departed from this world. However, with their songs they are remembered today not only by their families but by their millions of fans.

Patricia Tehran (1969-1995)

Patricia Tehrán rose to fame with her hit «Tarde lo conocí» and from that moment on she was considered one of the most important women in the Vallenato world. The woman from Cartagena died in January 1995 when she was driving in her car from her hometown to Barranquilla, apparently because one of her tires exploded, causing the car to overturn spectacularly, causing her death.

Kaleth Morales (1984-2005)

The renowned artist died at the age of only 21 in Cartagena together with his brother Keyner Morales when they were on their way to Valledupar aboard a car. Although the two were rushed to various hospitals, he eventually arrived in a coma.

The Sayayin (2012)

The Cartagena native became known for his song ‘La suegra volante’ but died in 2012, after receiving a bullet in the back. According to information from the authorities, the champeta artist lived at that time in Sincelejo, where he was the victim of an attack and although he stayed for several days with a reserved prognosis, in the end he did not survive.

Martin Elias (1990-2017)

Martín Elías, son of the singer Diomedez Díaz, from an early age wanted to have a successful career without the need of his father. Just when his career was on the rise, he died in April 2017 due to a traffic accident when he was on his way from Coveñas to Cartagena to meet his family. According to the authorities, the accident occurred due to the poor condition of the road mixed with excessive speed.

Legacy (1989-2019)

The urban music singer and ex-partner of Luisa Fernanda W passed away in February 2019 in Medellín. His death was caused by a stray bullet in an attempted robbery of a car that was next to where Legarda was waiting for a traffic light to turn green. Family, friends and followers gathered at the La Macarena entertainment center to say goodbye to him, it was a very popular event.

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