Colombian gallants of the 90s, this is how they are today!

The Colombian hunks of the 90s They marked an era because apart from enjoying great talent, they were accompanied by fame and beauty, to the point that they conquered the hearts of the country’s viewers.

It was the lost decade for many, in which there were no great events and even technology did not have important advances. In that same period of time, Creole television began to take hold and national productions were gaining followers, while new, fresh, and beautiful faces entered to become the great leading men of that time.

Some of them marked history and even these days, people remember their names, but many others did not suffer the same fate and were condemned to oblivion and to live on the memory of their golden years. If you want to meet those celebrities who got tattoos and then regretted it? And remember those beautiful men who were the platonic love of many of us, we are going to put you in a time capsule so you can see how the leading men are today of the Colombian TV of the 90’s.

Colombian gallants of the 90s, this is how these actors are today!

Many specialists agree that this was the most brilliant era of Colombian novels and its protagonists were true papacitos who conquered hearts and had the soul of gigolos. Here we show you the Colombian leading men of the 90s:

Colombian gallants of the 90s – Alejandro Martínez

There is no doubt, this man was a matador! The Bogota actor Alejandro Martínez was one of the prettiest faces in the country, although he also had a heart-stopping body. The first appearance of him on the screen was in 1988 in the series youth storiesbut fame reached her in 1992 in blood of wolves and obviously, in 1995 being the protagonist of the novel Eternally Manuela.

Today, Alejo lives happily in the countryside, enjoying his horses and continues to be linked to the media thanks to music, since he is currently part of the cast of the musical Ironing out the spite.

Daniel Santos

Another of those men who aroused sighs (and bad thoughts) in those times was the actor Danilo Santos. The artist born in Bogotá, rose to fame since 1989 in the series Why was Betty killed if she was such a good girl?but it was in 1992 when he touched the sky when he was the protagonist of the novel in a foreign body with Amparo grisales.

In 2006, Danilo tried to get to the Senate, but he did not get the seat. Now, he is still close to acting in some movies and series like Without breasts there is paradisein supporting roles.

Louis Mesa

The paisa actor was one of the most envied men in the country at the time for his attractive face. His first steps to fame were in 1993 when he starred in Lady Elizabeth, next to Judy Henriquez. Already in the late 90’s, she got a second wind when she appeared in I am Betty the Ugly one Y Francis the mathematician.

Currently, Luis is still an actor and although he now plays supporting roles, he is still active in several serials, contributing his talent and experience.

Andrew John

Another of those men who raised compliments in the street for being a daddy, was Andrés Juan. This Bogotá artist reached his 15 minutes of fame when he starred in the novel in 1997 I love Paquita Gallego together with Cristina Umaña. This handsome actor closed his cycle of glory in the youth series an angel named blue.

Currently, Juan undertook with his family the project La matraca family, in which they have traveled throughout South America in a van, documenting each place they arrive.

Miguel Varoni

Although this actor is not the most graceful physically, with his personality he makes up for it. Varoni, he began his path to fame in 1993 when he starred in the bay fillyto later have a great role in The Juanasin 1997. Later the character who immortalized him would arrive, Pedro Coral in peter the scaly; the rest is history.

Currently, the actor is a recognized character on the Telemundo network in the United States and has migrated his role to become executive producer.

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