Colombian cocktails that you can make in a 2×3

These are the Colombian cocktails that cannot be missing in your meetings. See how to prepare them, here…

Whenever we think of these types of drinks, we imagine very international drinkssuch as the Margarita (Mexico), the Mojito (Cuba) or the Manhattan (USA).

Nevertheless, our country also has its national cocktailswhich are delicious and very easy to make.

The most popular Colombian cocktails

We Colombians have the characteristic of throwing a party for any reason, however, our native cocktails are not as well known abroad, even though they are very good!


Typical accompanist of late nights in the open air, bonfires with guitar included, early mornings after the rumba, etc.


In addition to being a cocktail that you can drink over lunch, with beans, meat a la llanera, sancocho and other typical foods, you can also drink it as an accompaniment when you watch soccer games and movies at home.

Aguardiente sour, one of the most sophisticated Colombian cocktails

It is traditionally served at parties such as marriages, baptisms and Quince Años; It is perfect to drink while dancing.

daisy mary

Its mild flavor is perfect for girls who are going to drink brandy, but do not want to feel its intense aniseed flavor, preferring instead to drink it mixed with other drinks.

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