Colombia takes defeat with humor (MEMES)

Despite the sadness due to the defeat of the National Team in the qualifiers for Russia 2018, we Colombians take it with humor! See the best memes…

No Colombian can say that this morning he is happy and content. Today the smiles were replaced by faces of anguish and the expressions of joy by happy accounts to qualify for the playoffs… During the most recent qualifying match for the 2018 Russia World Cup, we went from happiness to sadness in just 5 minutes , nevertheless, In the networks we take it in a good mood, and we make memes!

These memes show that Colombia takes defeat with humor

I miss this

– Unlimited Football (@futbolsinlimi) October 6, 2017


– Goal Garracol (@ElGolGarracol) October 6, 2017

Russia already so that hp

— SOLOFUTBOLMEMES⚽ (@SoloFutbolMemes) October 6, 2017

– fabian Faloco (@falocoyopal) October 6, 2017

— J (@JacguzraJackyta) October 6, 2017

What a visa life dog #Colombia selection

— Diego vallejo®. (@Diegofvallejo) October 6, 2017

#ColombiavsParaguay #Russia2018 Qualifiers

— Angel C (@franda26) October 6, 2017

What happened #Ospina #ColombiavsParaguay #Russia2018 Qualifiers

— Angel C (@franda26) October 6, 2017

This son of a bitch is to blame. him and only him #colombiavsparaguay

— RP McMurphy (@Be_SalasZ) October 6, 2017

It happens in the movies, in the reigns, in the matches, it happens on TNT #Russia2018 #memes #Colombia selection

– Alvaro Narvaez (@alvaronarvaezr) October 6, 2017

That’s how we stay. #UncoverWithLaTricolor #WithLaTricolorPuesta #Colombia

— َ (@parcebieber) October 6, 2017

Description of the last minutes of the match between Colombia and Paraguay.

– Junior Barranquilla (@JUNI0RFC) October 6, 2017

also vibrates with: Celebrities put on the National Team shirt!

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– Your heart Viiiiibra (@Vibra1049) January 13, 2016