Collagen mask to rejuvenate your skin

Take care of your face with collagen mask pure is the best way to pamper yourself and avoid the appearance of annoying wrinkles.

Nothing better than looking and feeling good. Collagen is the best ally to prevent the passage of time from doing its thing on our face. Take note, because here we have the solution for you to look radiant:

How to make collagen mask?

We teach you how to make a collagen mask, ideal for all skin types and although facial marks are very difficult to disappear, we assure you that when you do it you will feel your skin rejuvenated and free of impurities.


  • Half tablespoon of honey
  • A collagen capsule (you can get it at the pharmacy)
  • A cup of water
  • three tablespoons of rice
  • a tablespoon of milk

Implements necessary

  • A pan
  • a small bowl
  • A mixing spoon

Time required

30 minutes

Estimated cost

$35,000 (COP)


Step 1: boil the rice

In the pot, pour the cup of water with the rice until it boils. When ready, strain the rice and keep the water in the bowl.

Step 2: mix all the ingredients

Add the water, honey, milk and powder that is inside the collagen capsule to the same bowl where the water, honey, milk and powder are reserved and stir until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Step 3: apply the mixture on your face

On a clean face, apply the mask for 20 minutes trying to be relaxed without touching your face.

Step 4: remove with warm water

Wash your face until all residue of the mask is removed.

A face mask is the best way to take care of yourself and always look radiant. Therefore, here you can find other fabulous ideas to take care of your skin.