Coffee mask to rejuvenate the skin and say goodbye wrinkles!

A good one coffee face mask it can rejuvenate the skin and free it from impurities as well. The cleaning capacity of this product can also make expression lines disappear in a short time.

Every time we women are more concerned about keeping ourselves beautiful and sometimes, the greatest concern is the appearance of annoying little wrinkles that reveal our age. Although there are several tricks to get rid of this problem, one of the best options is to use coffee, since this product easily regulates excess fat and helps rejuvenate your face in a single action.

In case you want to know in depth, what is the coffee mask for?, or you want to take advantage of the advantages that the proper use of this product brings to your face, then this mask will interest you a lot because after its application you will see results in a very short time.

Coffee mask for the face and rejuvenate the skin

Applied directly to the dermis, coffee could revitalize and nourish it, restoring the softness and firmness that it loses over the years. Now that you are clear about the purpose of this process, we invite you to use it and give yourself a few minutes for your personal care… You are going to enjoy it a lot!


  • 4 tablespoons of ground coffee
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • Eight tablespoons of whole milk powder
  • a cup of water

Implements necessary

Time required

30 minutes

Estimated cost

$8,500 (COP)

Procedure to make the coffee mask to rejuvenate the skin

Step 1. Mix

Take a medium-sized bowl and pour into it the tablespoons of ground coffee, cocoa powder, whole milk powder and finally the water. Mix all these ingredients evenly until a paste forms.

Step 2. Apply

Before washing your face, apply this mixture covering all the skin and allow the mask to act for about 20 minutes. After this time, wash your face with plenty of cold water until all residue is removed. You can apply this mask twice a week at most.

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