Clock tattoos: meaning of these curious designs

The clock tattoos have a meaning special for each person because these designs can be accompanied by stories or dates that commemorate relevant events.

Having a tattoo requires a lot of security. Engraving a figure forever in ink can mean many things, such as some special feature of your being, an unforgettable moment or the presence of someone irreplaceable in life. It is important before carrying out a tattooing process that you know in depth what an article means, as is the case with watches that mark specific aspects that will give any design a lot of personality.

If you want to know several butterfly tattoo designs and the meaning they would bring to your life and also learn what clocks mean in tattoo designs, then this article will interest you:

Tattoos of clocks and compasses meaning

It is almost a generality, but this type of tattoos in which compasses are included are usually the guides on the path of life and which, in turn, measure the distance that separates dreamers from achieving their goals. Also, when the image of a clock is added to it, it would reveal the time you have ahead of you to fulfill all the dreams you set for yourself.

Clock tattoos with roses meaning

Rose and clock tattoos commonly have very powerful and unique symbolism. Most of the designs in which these two figures appear would represent the most endearing and precious memories of life, taking into account that the watch is an allusion to time and the rose is a way of expressing love and pure feelings.

Old clock tattoos meaning

With this type of designs, moments are usually represented. Through these moments that remain frozen, the figures would reveal the sequences of memories that you keep in your life. It is said that this type of tattoo would present human aspects such as consciousness and the progression of acts.

Hourglass tattoos meaning

The meanings that are closest to the designs related to this kind of curious and distinctive watches are time and balance. There are also those who affirm that they would represent the transience, the inevitability of life events and obviously, the importance of living the present moments, fulfilling the cycles and closing stages that do not generate development and progress.

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