Claudia Bahamón «the bad sitting», exhibits her beautiful and long legs

Claudia Bahamón was «badly sitting» in a photograph that he published on his Instagram account and his fans are delighted to see his kilometer-long legs.

The beautiful model and presenter from Huila is one of the figures preferred by Colombians. Since she premiered on the screens as an entertainment presenter on Canal RCN in 2002, she has been able to win the hearts of the public with her charisma, talent and beauty, characteristics that she has made evident by hosting programs like Masterchef Colombia in its different versions.

Claudia Bahamón recently celebrated her 42 years of age by posing in a bikini and showed that she is still one of the mamacitas in the country. Very often, she shares on her social networks parts of her family and professional life, showing that she enjoys her life to the fullest and obviously, that the years seem not to come to her because she continues to keep the beauty of her intact of her.

Claudia Bahamón «the badly seated», shows her beautiful and kilometer-long legs in nets

In a photograph of what appears to be a session for an advertising campaign, the woman from Huila captivated the eyes of her fans by posing in a very sensual way, displaying her long and slender legs, wearing veiled black lace stockings, while sitting in a suggestive position with its limbs on a wall. Her image accompanied her with a phrase that aroused her tenderness and laughter among her 4 million followers: «My dad would tell me please baby sit down.»

And it is that this advice seems to have echoed in many homes because the women commented that their parents also gave them this recommendation, while the men enjoyed the view and praised the legs of the «badly sitting»:

“The most beautiful “bad sitting””

«Hahahahaha I imagined your dad telling you 😂😂😂»

“They reach the sky….👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥”

You have to listen to daddy. 😂😂”

«What beautiful and long legs hahahaha what envy of the good one 😂»

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