Claudia Bahamón announced that they already have a «replacement» for her on MasterChef Celebrity

Claudia Bahamon became the hostess of MasterChef throughout his different seasons, but in his networks he announced that he already has his «replacement».

It is not the first time that one of the most beloved presenters in Colombia talks about her departure from Master Chef Celebrity. However, Claudia, who with her talent and charisma has won not only the hearts of viewers but also of the contestants on this occasion was «victim» of an imitation that made more than one happy.

Claudia Bahamón announced who could be her replacement on MasterChef Celebrity

This was precisely how it happened with Frank Martínez, who has not only attracted attention this season of Master Chef Celebrity for their preparations in the kitchen. But also Claudia Bahamón herself jokingly assured that she could be the next presenter of the reality show.

It turns out that the comedian imitated her in one of her presentations to start one of the cooking contest tests, meanwhile Claudia laughed but also supported him in his performance. However, the subject transpired and on her official Instagram account the presenter wrote “Before they find out from other media outlets… It’s official! I have a replacement on MasterChef Celebrity”.

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