Circus Krone makes a guest appearance in Kempten: calls for wild animals to stop.

In addition to the poor keeping conditions, wild animal circuses also pose an enormous safety risk. At Krone, not only do circus employees put themselves in danger through their daily work, but visitors also come dangerously close to the large wild animals at the performances and the animal show. The list of accidents involving elephants is long.

Background on wild animal circuses in Germany:
The federal government has so far ignored two resolutions of the Bundesrat from 2003 and 2011. In March 2016, the Federal Council called on her to finally act for the third time. In circuses, wild animals suffer from an extreme lack of exercise, constant changes of location and long transport times. At least a limited ban on wild animals in circuses has long been in force in 19 European countries.

is mobilizing the public and politicians for a legal ban on wild animals with an online protest, lobbying and high-profile campaigns as part of the “Broar campaign” (www./bruell). Celebrities such as GZSZ stars Anne Menden and Nina Bott, actor Andreas Hoppe (also known from ARD Tatort), world boxing champion Regina Halmich, moderator Daniel Aminati, animal figures by children’s book author Janosch and radio play stars Hanni and Nanni support the demand.

At the same time, the internationally active foundation also takes care of the fate of individuals: rescued circus bears find a new home in the bear sanctuaries in Germany, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Austria and the Ukraine; gives former circus lions and tigers an animal-friendly old age in the South African LIONSROCK.


To the online protest for a ban on wild animals in the circus: www./bruellen

Background information: www./themen/wildtiere/zirkus