Christmas tree: The fashionable outfit

Some people express their Christmas spirit by singing Christmas carols, others go out dressed as a Christmas tree…

Christmas is a wonderful time, in which light decorations are seen in houses, all kinds of decorations alluding to the date, mangers, etc. There are also people who wear Christmas-themed sweaters, clothes like Santa Claus and costumes inspired by the most iconic element of Christmas: The tree where we put the gifts!

Yes, you read correctly, there are people who at this time, instead of dressing up as Santa Claus, Wise Man, reindeer or elf, he puts on a costume of nothing more and nothing less than a Christmas tree. This was done by the British Joseph Tame, who in addition to inventing this outfit, went running through the streets of Beijing, Japan, with the suit on!

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According to the website MasableThe suit is 2.5m tall, weighs about 25kg and is adorned with 1,500 LED lights. Although Japan is not a predominantly Catholic country, the Japanese received with great joy the strange runner dressed as a Christmas treegreeting him and giving him friendly smiles.

“The Christmas tree suit uses 100 batteries and took 60 days to make. Its objective? Just spread the joy of Christmas”said its creator to CNN.

Would you be able to go out dressed like this to run through the streets of Bogotá?