Christian Nodal tattooed Belinda’s eyes on his chest!

What madness! Christian Nodal tattooed Belinda’s eyes on his chest. Apparently, things are very serious!

The couple of singers have given much to talk about in recent months, because after they made it known that their relationship in The voice from TV Aztecatheir demonstrations of love have left thousands of fans speechless.

Christian Nodal tattooed Belinda’s eyes on his chest OMG!

And it is that despite only taking 4 monthsboth the regional Mexican singer and the pop singer they say they love each other infinitely. So great is their love, that they have even made lavish gifts to each other.

On the one hand, with only a few weeks of relationship, Nodal gave Belinda a luxurious housewhich caused controversy in networks because many consider it «pretty premature.»

But the interpreter Light without gravity was not far behind, because recently gave her boy an expensive and shiny braceletwho showed a lot of happiness in networks.

Each demonstration of affection between the couple has generated all kinds of comments on networks; however, recently the interpreter of Down here He did something that caused a furor in networks.

In recent days, the couple decided to celebrate their «anniversary of the month» number 4 with a beautiful romantic dinner, movie night, decoration and even an arrangement on Belinda’s nails with the name of Nodal. But what was most striking was that together they tattooed their hands to symbolize their love.

Also, The singer got her boyfriend’s initials inside a heart tattooed on her ankle.

But apparently this was not enough for Nodal, so decided to get two more tattoos. one was Belinda’s name on her right sideburn.

While the other was nothing more and nothing less than the artist’s eyes on his chest.

This was the final result.

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