Chocorramo is a success in the USA and its price surprises many!

Not to believe! Our beloved and coveted Chocorramo is a success in the USA and its price surprises manybecause they assure that it is quite affordable.

Definitely, there is no Colombian who can resist a Chocoramo, Well, whether for the onces or the afternoon dessert, with milk or with a malt drink, this delicious chocolate covered cake It is ideal for any time when that voracious craving for galguería awakens in us.

Our beloved Chocorramo is a success in the USA and its price surprises many

And it is that such is the delight of this iconic Colombian product that has even crossed borders and has reached the markets of different countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, Chile and United Statesswhere surprisingly it has been very successful.

This was stated by Forbes magazine in a recent publication, in which it highlighted that This product has become one of the most popular biscuits in both supermarkets and pharmacies in North America.

Similarly, the Vice President of Exports of Procolombia, Juliana Villegas, highlighted through his official Twitter account the presence of the ponqué in an exhibitor of the renowned CVS pharmacieswhere it has great sale.

How much is a Chocoramo worth in the USA?

In the image shared by the Procolombia official, it is evident that the price of the traditional Chocoramo is one dollar (3,837 Colombian pesos, at today’s exchange rate)while that of the brownie is 1.99 dollars (7,600 Colombian pesos).

Though for some its cost is somewhat highfor many others it is great news, because in networks they stated that being in North America you can enjoy this famous Colombian product without spending more.

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