Chocolate hair, what shade suits you?

If you want to change your look and that you hair has a chocolate color, we show you which one suits you according to your skin tone. Learn with these tips!

Putting a new tone on your hair is a very good option when you want to look different. However, it is important that you know the colors that favor you. That is why pay close attention because here you will know which chocolate hair style suits you according to your skin color.

Chocolate hair, what is the best option?

If you have already tried blonde, black or ash colors and you want a change of look, chocolate is a very good option, since it not only takes care of highlighting your features but also this color has the particularity of making you look more beautiful.

dark chocolate hair for brown skin

The dark chocolate tone is ideal for women with brown or dark skin, as it makes facial features slimmer. Also, the contrast between your hair and your skin tone will create a kind of light on your face. If you like highlights, you can add a mahogany tone and to make it look voluminous, you can cut it in layers. You will look perfect!

Classic chocolate hair for white skin

Classic chocolate looks great on fair-skinned women, as this hair color will create a light effect on the face. Ideally, the classic chocolate color highlights your features, so you should not choose a color that is very golden or very opaque, it should be an intermediate tone that is achieved by combining brown with mahogany and copper.

Reddish chocolate hair for tanned skin

If you are one of those who loves reddish tones and you have tanned skin, this is your ideal color. When you change your look and start using reddish chocolate, it will make your features look much more beautiful. In addition, it will create an effect where your eyes will look lighter and your lips much thicker due to the contrast of your skin and hair.

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