Chileans create the first App to learn Mandarin Chinese using augmented reality

Last month the Logogram Hànzì application was launched, the first platform with augmented reality to study Mandarin Chinese, a language that in the future will be decisive for the business world.

Logogram Hànzì was developed by a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about Chinese culture and who want people to learn this language through new technologies, in a playful and interactive way. The project was financed by Corfo, sponsored by 3IE and has the support of Open Beauchef.

The application differs from any other in its segment, since it uses augmented reality so that the user can discover the meaning of the characters, for this they have physical cards, and when they are pointed from the app, the content can be viewed in 3D. In addition, the audios used are prepared by native Chinese teachers, with more than 1,000 exercises, and with a section where you can train calligraphy, which is something very important in this language and in Chinese culture. On the other hand, in the not too distant future, this application intends to do the same with languages ​​from the same continent, such as Japanese and Korean.

Rodrigo Hernández, CEO of the company, points out that «For us it is extremely important to teach the Mandarin Chinese language from the base that are its characters. In this way the user will be able to start their learning process little by little, and then incorporate exercises and sections that have augmented reality, which makes the study more dynamic and thus prevents teaching from being based so much on repetition».

How to access it?

Logogram Hànzì is in beta version, available from now on Google Play for Android devices and also directly from its website:, entering from mobile devices. In addition, the cards associated with the app can be downloaded and printed for free.