Children’s tattoos to get with their parents

Family love is unconditional, and a nice way to show it is to wear that feeling on your skin with son tattoos and parents.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo with your mom or dad, you can bet on these good ideas that they will surely love. Nothing better than showing that bond that unites them with a striking, beautiful and very significant tattoo.

mother and daughter tattoos

There are great ideas of tattoos that mothers can do with their children, here are some so you can get inspired and find that perfect tattoo design that unites them.

a little heart

How about a cute heart behind the ear to remind each other forever that they can count on each other. A beautiful idea that also looks great.

one for the other

How about they try a nice phrase and a tattoo that complements each other. For example, each one tattooed a part of the butterfly, while the mother accompanied it with the phrase «I gave her wings», the daughter did it with the phrase «she taught me to fly». A beautiful idea!


A tattoo that symbolizes that they will always be there for each other, mom and daughter always together. A small, discreet tattoo but with a very big meaning.

a nice phrase

A nice idea to show mom that she will always be in your heart is to tell her that you will love her for life.

father and son tattoos

A dad is wisdom and many times he also represents an example, so if you want to pay tribute to him, these can be great ideas for a tattoo.


How about trying a footprint tattoo to symbolize that they will always be together and above all they will be very close.

The family is first

Nothing cuter than a tattoo that represents that family is always the priority in life.

Son and father

A very beautiful tattoo that has a great meaning, infinity with a heart means lasting and endless love. Which means love forever, along with the words father and son.


One idea of ​​a father and son tattoo is to have a design that shows that they have a really impressive physique, which is why a tribal on the inner biceps can work to show off their muscles.

If you have already decided which is going to be the small tattoo that you liked the most, how about you consider some tattoos on the wrist: a nice memory on your skin… Here Vibrate is just a click away.