Children of Luly Bossa: Minor danced ‘La bici’ with Carlos Vives and Shakira

Speaking of the children of Luly Bossa, we find this moving video of the youngest dancing the bikehandsome!

Which of Luly Bossa’s children dances the best?

The smallest, without a doubt. The actress Luly Bossa has two sons: Lucianni, the eldest, and Angelo Bossa Brieva, the youngest.

Her life as a mother has been difficult. Her eldest son had to overcome drug addiction and the youngest was diagnosed at age 10 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

However, she has overcome the difficulties and is a model mom. Even proudly displays Angelo’s tender dance scenes.

Recently, Luly shared on her Instagram a video of her son dancing the bike, by Carlos Vives and Shakira. And it went viral!

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