Child of the Oxxo video was saved from tremendous demand

The boy from the Oxxo video he was saved from receiving a lawsuit from the brand and instead received a very good offer from another company.

Apparently the Oxxo brand wanted to sue «The child of Oxxo”, whose real name is Elías, for recording his video as a cashier selling condoms and black Halls to another man. This boy went viral on social networks because of his funny malicious gesture that he made every time the man asked him for an object apparently for a night of passion.

What happened to the boy in the Oxxo video that now other brands want him?

Given the situation that little Elías was experiencing with Oxxo, it was the Burger King brand that sought the child to be the image of its brand. It turns out that the hamburger company wanted Elías to be the protagonist of a commercial in which he also imitated the gestures that made him famous.

It also vibrates with…

For this reason, several people on social networks who became fans of the child were happy with the news, so much so that they began to ensure that in the end «One man’s trash is another man’s treasure». Since with Burger King again the little boy became a trend with his gestures on social networks and was the protagonist of several memes.

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